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            Qilu Tianyi International Conference & Exhibition (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

            Qilu Tianyi International Conference & Exhibition (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (Tianyi Conference & Exhibition) is a wholly-owned subsidy of Dazhong News Group, a famous urban MICE integrated operator in China and a member of Union of International Fairs (UFI). Hosting about 30 conferences and exhibitions a year, Tianyi Conference & Exhibition ranks first in terms of number of exhibitions, operational level and brand influence in Shandong’s MICE industry.

            As one of the first players in Shandong’s MICE industry, Tianyi Conference & Exhibition has accumulated rich exhibition operation experience. Since its founding in 1999, Tianyi Conference & Exhibition has undertaken various exhibition projects, and established international and professional exhibition operation processes. Focusing on planning and operating exhibitions from the perspective of promoting industrial development, Tianyi Conference & Exhibition has set up complete exhibitor and buyer databases, fully integrated the upstream and downstream resources, and applied data algorithms to analyze and launch accurate marketing, and provide intelligent exhibition services.

            Professional conferences and exhibitions
            held every year
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            Development Goal: An internationally famous and domestically leading urban MICE integrated operator

            We are committed to building an excellent operation team, developing brand conferences and exhibitions offering good economic benefits and growing Tianyi Conference & Exhibition into a famous Chinese conference and exhibition provider.

            Talent Philosophy: Follow no Set Form and Give Full Scope to Talents

            The talent utilization principle of Tianyi Conference & Exhibition is welcoming talented personnel with integrity and ability from all over the world. As long as you can, we will spare no effort to support you.

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            Contact Us

            Email: tygjhz@126.com?

            Address: 6 Luoyuan Street, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong Province

            Phone: 0531-82966688

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